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On a high to expand its footprints in 10-15 Indian cities and 5-7 cities abroad, Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori-led health and fitness startup Cure.fit is gearing up to open its first fitness centre in Dubai by mid-2019. The reason behind this expansion is that its business in India has hit a critical mass with 100 centres across 4 cities.

The founders, Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagor said the move beyond India’s borders will be an experiment to see how its services and products in Indian markets fare in comparison to global markets before it eyes expanding and increasing into South and Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia by the year 2020. As for the domestic business, it aims to open 150 new Cult.fit centres, fetching the total to 250 centres, across 10 cities before the close of this year.In an attempt to promote holistic wellbeing of an individual, the fitness centre unit, Cult.fit is EBITA positive and relies heavily on raising debt to scale the business higher. Its other businesses, Eat.fit and Care.fit, are relying on the hoard of users that the fitness platform brings in to its online app, saying that both have passed the proof-of-concept stage and are now primed for immense growth.

As per the reports, the platform has an estimate of 250,000 users, who work out on an average 10 times and order food 15 times a month. They also plan to invest significantly to not only grow this base but also increase the number of interactions users have every month in-house as well as on the app.

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